Stepping Into Unknown Territory

Since the last time I posted here, a lot of things have altered in my life. I couldn’t bore you with all the details, but to sum it up each change and all the changes collectively, have placed me in unknown territory… DUN. DUNN. DDDUUUNNNN. 

f*** me, right? Everyone loves to be in a place where they don’t know where they are, where they’re headed, how they maneuver through the place, and overall you just aren’t too sure about the decisions you make. Can you imagine how excited I am? -_-

I have cut relationships, I’ve made new relationships, personal beliefs have changed, and I made a decision that alters my career just a bit, all putting my feet into a place where I don’t know what is what, where the bumps and mountains are; I’m just finding my way as I’m walking along (and by walking I mean tumbling at times, running at times, crawling, etc.).

But today, it hit me and I realized, so what? so what if I don’t know exactly where I’m going? I am surrounded by some amazing people who always have my back. I, myself, am a strong, competent, and intelligent woman.

So it is okay… It’s okay that I’m dating a new person and sometimes don’t know what to do, it’s okay that I’ve made new friends who are different from the ones I usually have, but not any less amazing, it’s okay that I’ve taken a gap year, a year of uncertainty that can change my life in so many ways.

It is okay that I’m in unknown territory. It is perfectly, okay. 

Status: Hiatus from MIA

It’s been a while, huh? Well turns out I still do have a lot to say, but some things were very personal and so I started a new blog where no one from my circle of friends or family could hear me out.

Having said that, I’ve found myself looking at this page and reminiscing all the things I’ve written…

I feel guilty, but I also feel almost disappointed. I had a lot to say on this blog, and a lot of it was straight from my mind, but also written with a passion to reach out to people and have someone read what I was putting out. But then I felt the need to just write some things out just for me, and only me. I feel disappointed, because I spoke my mind out on here, but I feel as if I have changed and my writing has changed as a result. So I’ve been slightly nervous to put more content on here , when in fact it might be contradictory to everything I’ve written in the past.

But….regardless, in the end writing is something I’ve always loved, so I will try to keep up on this page and keep putting up new content.

I’ll see you guys soon. Xo. Can’t wait to write again!

Do You Ever Wonder…

… if one thing went differently, what your day would look like? The potential impact it would have on your whole life? 

Do you ever wonder if maybe you woke up five minutes earlier than you actually did and went into the cafe five minutes earlier than you actually did… do you ever wonder who you might have bumped into?Could he/she have been your soulmate? Your future wife/husband? What different things you could have witnessed? 

Do you ever wonder if maybe you drove down a different path than the one you take every day, what accident you may avoid? Or maybe if you walked down a different path to work, who you could bump into?   Maybe you could have helped an elder cross the street and realized that elder is an amazing person whom you now love spending time with? 

Something as simple as waking up five minutes earlier or taking a different path than you normally would, things as insignificant as such, can still make a huge difference. 

We get accustomed to our own routines and build up our habits to the point where we mindlessly follow what is normal to us. Then we wonder what if…? Or at least I can say that I do. So why not change some things up every now and then? 

It Ain’t Nothin To Cut That B* Off

If your taste in music is similar to mine, you know those are the lyrics to K Camp’s song “Cut Her Off”. If you have no idea what this is, the song is about cutting someone off, duh. 

If you met me about 5 years ago, I would’ve told you it’s one of the coldest things to do, cutting a person off. No matter what went down, it’s a cold thing to cut someone out and not consider them anymore.

But then you go through stuff. You get into relationships, whether their romantic or friendships. Whatever the relationship you have to put in effort, from both sides. If suddenly you find yourself reaching out and holding both you and your friend/partner afloat, don’t you get tired? If the other person doesn’t put in the effort, what’s the point?

Cut em off. I was wrong 5 years ago. You’re not wrong. You’re not a cold-hearted person. You’re watching out for yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Is It Really Over?

Whelp. It is.

Summer is officially over. Today was my first day back at university. It didn’t feel like I was back at school until I came home after procrastinating to my best ability by going shopping, watching random television shows, and simply ignoring the pile of homework staring back at me. I was at the point where I realized that summer was gone.

This week will probably bum me out, but the thought of having a routine again and having some consistent structure to my days makes me happy.

While all of you are saying your good-byes to summer, I hope you find some joy in the beginning of the fall and the structured lifestyle that comes with the bustling life of school and work! Adios

My Exciting Week of Summer

bike riding sunset

Maybe you could tell from my lack of activity that I had a busy summer this year, but I’m back now! And unfortunately, school is right around the corner.

This whole summer I complained to my friends and family that I had one week of summer where I had no work and no classes; one week where I can jam-pack all different activities, adventures, time to relax, and time to get ready to say bye to the summer and hello to the school year.

Now that I look back on it, I complained quite a bit, however, I would not change a single thing. I accomplished a lot in the past three months. I made enough money to have fun this summer, pay my car payments on time, and save a little for the upcoming school year. I got CPR certified and went through an accelerated EMT course.

Although I dreaded some of the days, actually, most of the days, I kept myself busy, but still had time to relax, hang out with my friends, and ultimately keep my sanity.

It is an amazing feeling to be able to look back over the course of a short three months and know you accomplished so much with the immense support of friends. Whether you had an exciting summer filled with adventures back to back, work ruled your days or, a mix of both, I hope everyone else enjoyed their summer days as I have!

Glad to be back! Xo. 

It’s not enough to wish…

From a young age we’re taught to wish. Wish on the stars that illuminate the sky, wish at 11:11, wish on that shooting star zooming over the sky, wish on fallen eyelashes, birthday cake candles…you get the deal. 

But it is simply not enough to wish, you have to work for it. We learn that the hard way, unfortunately, while we continuously wish for things and wonder why they aren’t happening. 

That’s because there’s no such thing as a free lunch. You have to work for everything you want. Nothing is handed to you. 

So with that shooting star, stroke of 11:11, with every birthday candle, and every fallen eyelash, work hard for every wish you make.