I Haven’t Gotten My Nails Done In Forever

Nails done. Hair done. Everything did. – No. I haven’t gotten my hair done in weeks, my nails are chipped, and I’m looking more like chewbaca since I don’t even remember the last time I got my eyebrows done.

I’ve let go of myself. It has been over two weeks since I’ve worked out and kept to a health eating regime.

I feel shitty. But I think I have forgiven myself, on the belief that once I get the chance to fix everything up, I will. However, is that right? Is it right that I have to forgive myself for not looking so polished?

I can understand the gym and food because that concerns my health. But should I really feel bad that my nails are chipped? My hair is frizzy beyond compare. Do I have to always look so great? Why do women feel they have to do all the above just to look like a human? I joke about it all the time, “don’t judge me if I don’t look like a human today”. It really shouldn’t come to the point where I should fear someone judging me.

Recently, I’ve noticed, I really don’t care as much. I’m okay with not having my hair done and my nails done. The eyebrows….not so much. But that’s personal to me. Do what works for you. Just be comfortable with yourself and don’t worry about becoming a different person for someone else.

If you wanna feel nice and clean with a blowout and a fresh manicure, so be it girl! Get it done and be fancy! If you wanna bum it out. Go right ahead, join me on my couch with Netflix 🙂

Offer ends today though, I wanna do my makeup up and dress up for tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “I Haven’t Gotten My Nails Done In Forever

  1. This is great, I am totally on that same level…I am right there on that couch with you bumming it up with my hair that hasn’t been done in literally almost a whole year, nails that haven’t been done in months, and eyebrows (jumbo caterpillars) that are taking over my face. Ugh! It will all get done eventually but for now, I am just accepting it. I needed this. I now know I am not alone lol

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