A whole life of education, but I’m still missing knowledge

Ever since I was 3, the one constant routine I can think of is waking up for school, coming home to homework, and then repeat for the next day. Suddenly, I’m 22 and about to graduate university. 

And I realize I’m missing a whole chunk of essential knowledge. No, it’s not the biology, English, or social studies. 

It’s the basics. The pure basics. Life lessons. Not morals of stories, but the necessities of life. I’m out on my own two feet, into the real world soon. And I have got absolutely no clue about maintaining and building my credit score. Health insurance for when I’m 26…what’s right for me? What am I entitled to? What rights should I not be cheated out of? 

What about managing my money? Doing my taxes? Getting loans for a car or a mortgage? How about 401Ks? Investing in stocks? Pension plans? Life insurance? What’s the right company for me? The right plan? 

I know nada. Is it just me? Today, you have so many ways of learning information, but at  the same time, we have access to institutions or technologies that do it for you. Why learn about your money when you can just have a computer ask you some questions and file your taxes for you? 


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