Status: Hiatus from MIA

It’s been a while, huh? Well turns out I still do have a lot to say, but some things were very personal and so I started a new blog where no one from my circle of friends or family could hear me out.

Having said that, I’ve found myself looking at this page and reminiscing all the things I’ve written…

I feel guilty, but I also feel almost disappointed. I had a lot to say on this blog, and a lot of it was straight from my mind, but also written with a passion to reach out to people and have someone read what I was putting out. But then I felt the need to just write some things out just for me, and only me. I feel disappointed, because I spoke my mind out on here, but I feel as if I have changed and my writing has changed as a result. So I’ve been slightly nervous to put more content on here , when in fact it might be contradictory to everything I’ve written in the past.

But….regardless, in the end writing is something I’ve always loved, so I will try to keep up on this page and keep putting up new content.

I’ll see you guys soon. Xo. Can’t wait to write again!

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