I Am Indulged In Another Culture…And I Love It!


In seventh grade, I was exposed to my current addiction. A friend of mine wanted me to try to watch this new show she had been loving. One catch: it was in Korean. 

At first, I was super skeptical and figured I would try an episode just to say I did and quit. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the Korean culture and pick up another language skill to put down on my resumes forever.

Fast forward to seven years later. I continue to watch multiple Korean dramas, I listen to Kpop, drool over the different types of foods, and try some for myself whenever I can. I’ve come to learn about this culture in a way I never would have imagined.

And I love it! Not only is it a great asset for my resume, but I can converse with people and I have helped people out who didn’t know English well, but could talk in Korean. I love the shocked look on someone’s face when I speak to them in Korean.

I have dreams of visiting South Korea and going to the beautiful beaches, parks, eating their cuisine to their delicious street food, and learning even more about the culture.

Watching that first Korean drama was one of the best decisions of my life and I encourage everyone to pick something they are completely unfamiliar with and indulge in it. Doesn’t have to be something on a big scale as a new culture, but if you do choose to indulge in a culture, the internet can give you a surreal experience, but go and eat the cuisine and speak the language. It is an amazing experience.

2 thoughts on “I Am Indulged In Another Culture…And I Love It!

  1. Im posting this here rather than my post because I don’t want my ex to see it!

    I was very into the Korean culture for quite a while because my ex is Korean. I watched K-dramas extensively and learned a lot of Korean at the time. A lot of my knowledge in Korean has been lost with time because of course for quite some time I couldn’t watch dramas or practice Korean without thinking of him. But kdramas are fantastic and Korean is a beautiful language!

    • Ohh, I see, yeah I started because somehow my friend got me to try it, but yeah it’s fun to watch kdramas. I probably am addicted lol
      It’s fun to try new things and learn new things! 🙂

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