I’m Unfaithful To My Soulmate

It is true, but you can’t point any fingers at me. I have more than one soulmate. 

And if you think about it, you might just be on the same boat as me. In that case, Welcome Aboard! 

Sure we all have heard about that one true soulmate, your other half, your better half, the one you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with. That may be the case, but….

 I have one friend who is my television soulmate, we watch the same exact shows and go crazy in the same exact ways. Our tweets during a show are synchronized and we get all flabbergasted from these shows as if it is real life. 

I have another friend who is a crazy foodie like I am. When we go out, there’s no disagreement over food or where to eat. We say we’re in the mood for whatever, but somehow our taste buds always match up and we pick the same place. We eat off each other’s plates and enjoy every bite. 

I can’t go food crazy with my television soulmate the same way I can with my foodie bestie. And I can’t go psycho over what happened on last nights episode with my foodie because she won’t have a single idea of what is going on. 

There may be my better half, soulmate soulmate out there. But I’ll always have my different soul mates who some how fit perfectly with me. 

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