Why waking up at 5am to hit the gym is the best decision I’ve made in a long time…

I know, you think I’m crazy…right? Well, until I made this decision I too would’ve sided with you and said I’m out of my mind.

But my circumstances have changed to the point where I either go to the gym at night when it is packed and wake up half dead for my morning class, go to class and work without showering, or just gain weight and feel like poop… or I wake up at 5 in the freaking morning to workout.

Before I actually began this new routine, I was dreading the way my schedule worked out and I hated everything about my summer, but now it’s different.

I have structure! A routine that works! 

I wake up at 5, brush my teeth and wash my face, change, grab a water bottle and hit the gym. The second I finish my workout, I feel amazing and I have so much more energy in my morning class, I’m singing in my showers again!

The only con I can actually think of that is valid is that bed time is somewhere between 8:00 and 9:30pm…so late night plans are a big no-no for me. But this is actually good for me on the weekdays, I never get less than my well needed 6-8 hours of sleep because I simply cannot keep my eyes open past a certain time. However, I keep my weekends open for sleeping in and staying out late, girl’s gotta party, right?

My friends think I am crazy, but I think this is the best decision I’ve made in a long time! Anyone else want to be crazy with me? Come join the insane side 😉

Stay great! Xo

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