Take Some Time And Breathe

There is always so much work and stress in life, work and school burden you, people annoy you, time flies away, and ultimately life gets in the way.

So, naturally we need to get ahead and keep up with things, so we work our asses off, stress ourselves out, and push past our limits to the point where we break.

Now, don’t get me wrong…things need to get done and life needs to go on. BUT we shouldn’t have to be shackled down 24/7 by life.

Ten minutes is all it takes. Whether it’s a quick walk around the neighborhood, a jog in the park, reading a book on a bench, or just sitting inside or outside breathing in the air, it’s important we take some time and breathe. No work, no phones, no social media, no electrons, just you. 

Just ten minutes a day, take some time to be you and with just yourself, get to know yourself, don’t stress yourself out, but just think and get to know you.

What’s the harm? Try it out!

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