Can You See Past Your Disguise ?

photodune-3550529-girl-mask-xsWe are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves

– Francois de La Rochefoucauld

It is true, you know? We always try to please others. We dress to impress, talk about what we think someone else wants to hear, and overall think about what someone will think of when they see that little black dress with the red pumps, or that new spontaneous haircut.

But do you think about yourself? What do you think? Are you comfortable walking in those six inch heels and short dress in the middle of February? Did you get the haircut because you’ve been wanting to try that style or did you get it to impress someone?

It is not always neccessarily for the wrong reasons. Sometimes you need to swap out of your sweats to casual business and clean yourself up a bit more than usual so you can ace that job interview and advance in your career. Sometimes you might want to impress your boss and get on his or her good side or solidfy your position at the company.

However, what happens when you start changing yourself to impress that one guy you seem to make eye contact with almost every minute? He suddenly approaches you the day you dress a little differently, add some extra eyeliner and mascara. Now you’re keeping up that appearance, putting the extra effort in. Sure that’s okay, but what about when you do it every single day and dread taking the makeup off at night and starting all over tomorrow morning?

What if suddenly you guys take the next few steps in the relationship and you’re suddenly…. not you anymore?

you’re not happy, you’ve changed Nah, it’s just that you’ve improved for the better, right? I dont know, is it right?

You’re suddenly permanently super-glued to a mask. You’re wearing your disguise out every day from morning to night. Is it even a disguise anymore? Is that a mask or your face? Can you tell the difference?

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