Clairvoyant 01.17.15

Would you feel comfortable living a life knowing something terrible is about to happen? Would you want to know what is stored in your future?

Clairvoyant aka Psychic

A person considered or claiming to have psychic powers; a medium

We have all heard of psychics and the tools of their world; tarot cards, crystal balls, and to an extent even horoscopes.

From what I can remember, even as a little girl I always looked forward to getting my monthly subscription of Seventeen Magazine so I could finally read my horoscope for the next month and see what was planned for me in the near future.

I confess, to this day, every morning, somewhere between 6am and 10am, my daily horoscope is emailed to me and by the time I am fully dressed, I have checked my horoscope at least once. For me it is habitual, part of my morning routine, but for others, it can be much more.

For some, it is imperative that a visit is paid to the psychic every month. They need to know when, where, and how things could possibly go wrong. Some people go as a comfort and some go as a routine. While others go for survival.

This all came to me when the other day I was talking to a friend and he asked me if I would ever go to a psychic. My answer was an easy, fast, and definite no. why? Because I am guaranteed to have bad news and some good news in the future, but by pinpointing the bad news to a certain place, or time of day, or event, I would be endangering my sanity and my future. I, personally, would become so paranoid with what is ahead that I would mess up and miss what is going on in my present.

There’s that question of would you want to know what becomes of you in ten years? My answer would be the same. It in the end ruins the present.

And all of this brought me to something we have all heard and all claimed to be cliché. Forget yesterday, don’t worry about tomorrow, just focus on the present. There are times when I worry over something in the near or far future and I get so stressed I ruin my day, by stressing.

So, would you feel comfortable visiting a psychic? Would you want to know what treasures and troubles are in your future? Would you take a chance of possibly jeopardizing your present at the price of a hint of your future?

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