We Are All Addicted 01.10.15

You have an addiction, did you know that?

We all get addicted to something that takes away the pain.

Is it more acceptable to accept the fact now, after the above statement?

Let’s face it. In accordance to all those clichés out there, life is full of obstacles, bumps, ups and downs. We all have to hit these bumps, most of us smack right into the wall and stumble down the stairs. We get beat up, tossed around, and we’re left with pain. Whether it is physical, mental, or emotional, pain is pain.

So when you lose a loved one, fail an exam, lose a job, or go through a bad break up, what do you do? Some of us run to the ice cream in the freezer and the pizza in the fridge. Others run, literally, start hitting the gym and working out the pain and frustration. We dance, isolate ourselves, drink, and meditate until we are numb to the pain. We find our drug and use it, more and more as our tolerances build up and we are clearly hooked.

So what’s your addiction? What’s your drug, your painkiller?

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