We Bring It On Ourselves 01.06.15

hello there 🙂

How often do we know about a big date, job interview, or any significant event and think about the “D-day”, stressing and overthinking about the actual event days and maybe even weeks before the actual day? I mean a wedding or birth of a child is clearly something that I can say is reasonable to stress over for such a long period, but what about the other “big days” which are on a smaller scale?

The thing about me is I stress myself over the small, less significant events rather than the big ones I really should be stressing over. Sound familiar to anyone?

For example, while being a college student, I do stress over quizzes and exams, but not to the point where I feel butterflies and my heart pounding. However, lately one thing that I have been stressing and over thinking about is my babysitting job. I have babysat for this one family previously on many occasions, but when they called on me to babysit for a consecutive amount of time, I said yes, considering I needed the extra pocket change. However, as soon as I hung up the phone, I started stressing. Thinking about the stress involved with watching the kids, the dog, and the cats. I was over thinking the whole situation, to the point where I wanted to redial and fake an illness.

But that’s cowardly and I knew that I was psyching myself out. The job is stressful, that is no joke, but I was making it ten times more stressful than it can actually be. I brought on the extra stress myself.

I’m not sure if this is just me, I highly doubt it is. But I’ve found I do this way too often. For speeches in school, for speaking to someone I may have had an awkward relationship with in the past, or for a small job interview. I get butterflies, the ones that make you feel nauseous, and my heart pounds as if it’s ready to pump out of my chest.

I did stick to the babysitting, and clearly I came out alive and it really was not anywhere near any of the incredulous situations I made up in my head.

So next time something that seems to be stressful is in your future, don’t over think the situation, don’t make up terrible ways the day could go wrong, and don’t stress over something that hasn’t happened yet. Naturally, you will be nervous or a bit stressed, but that probably comes with the territory. Don’t make it any harder on yourself. Just face it head on and you’ll come out alive and successful because you’re going in with a good, clear head on your shoulders. We tend to bring on half our problems ourselves, unintentionally. But it happens.


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