It’s All About The Money, Money, Money… 12.14.14

hi there lovelies ! How is everyone doing? So I’m aware I previously said that I wouldn’t really be posting until the end of this week due to my finals and my semester finishing up.

Well… events have occurred that have led me to posting tonight. For me, this blog is not only a way for me to connect with other people, put my thoughts out there, share my experiences, but it is also an outlet for my emotions and my coping mechanism. So I find myself stressed and in need of some venting. Here we goo..

So my title comes from Jessie J’s song Price Tag . The chorus starts off as the following, “It’s not about the money, money, money” However In my title, It’s not  about the money, money, money.

As a young girl, I was raised while hearing my parents argue about money, which let’s be honest, is not unusual. One of the top reasons why married couples argue is due to money issues. However, as a result, I have always grown up heeding my mother’s advice, as well as my own warnings to myself.

I understand that there is more to life than money. I do not want to grow up to being a rich person living in a huge mansion. However, I also do understand most of this world runs on money and money is well, the currency the world runs on.

Today, I find myself a student in college, buried under loans and bills, constantly swiping my card and wearing out the zipper on my wallet. Clearly, I had to get a job. That worked out well for a while, until I realized my job was paying me much too little for the insane amount of work I was actually doing. But being a college student, with a fluctuating school schedule, I could not find another job that was as flexible as my current job. Therefore, I was forced to stick through and to this day, this night actually I work for way too little of what I deserve. As my bills and expenditures increased, I had to find a solution. So I started babysitting.

And that leads me to where I am tonight. I have finals all this week, however I worked friday-sunday (today) at both jobs and when the chance popped up today through a text to babysit again tomorrow, I could not say no. Immediately after agreeing I was ecstatic, “yes! some more money I can use to put towards the interest on my loans or pay for groceries this week! ” 

But now, as I sit in bed and think, I am starting to regret my decision. I have an exam tomorrow and one again on Tuesday. I should be using all my time to study. And that leads me to think, somehow I have fell into that main stream where we mindlessly work with our eyes solely glued to the dollar signs.

Obviously, I cannot just drop all my jobs and mess around. But I need to be able to say no and be okay with missing out on an opportunity to make money. But where is that balance then? There’s never a point when I think “thank god I didn’t go into work and make money.” 

We grow up watching movies where we’ve seen what happens to the mother who always focused on work and missed out on her child’s play, birthday, and overall growing up. We’ve read those books where the man with all the money, trophy wife, and four sports cars takes a Prozac a day to battle his depression. So we know money is not the key to happiness. But don’t we all, more often than not, fall under the main stream idea where we sacrifice something for the sake of our jobs and the promise of a nice paycheck in the near future?

goodnight peeps


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