Still Alive and Looking to Influence

hello everyone ! Just wanted to pop in and show I am still alive. Right after the holiday, Thanksgiving and Black Friday and all I had to dive right into the last bits of my school work so I did not have much time to come here and pull my thoughts together into a coherent post.

I’m not off the hook yet, I have finals coming up so I’ll most likely be MIA here again but I felt the need to put something out here.

So as I mentioned, I had a lot of school work to finish up. One of my assignments was a tribute speech in my communications class. We had to choose a person, living or dead, famous of familiar, and write a tribute to them and mention how the person influenced us.

This made me realize, I did not really look up to anyone, at least not anymore. I had role models when I was younger, but no longer. However, I did realize there was one person who I’m extremely grateful to and whom I was heavily impacted by. And that person is my mother.

I am not the type to be so expressive of my feelings. It’s contradictory, I do express my feelings, but at certain times I do not.

Especially with my parents, I don’t say “I love you” enough or really express any feelings. But this speech was something I wrote for the purpose of school but ended up showing my mother in the end because I knew I never really expresses what she was and what she did for me.

I was not the only one to present today. While listening to many people present I heard a variety of names and ways people influenced one another. Two major “themes” I kept hearing were the way someone worked to make a difference in the world and influence millions and the way one person accidentally influenced one other person’s life immensely.

So that brings me to my major point. We do not need to go out looking to influence hundreds or thousands of people because we may not be aware of it, but we may already by influencing one person’s life. However, this doesn’t mean I’m saying don’t strive for the desire and passion to help several people, but keep in mind that you’re actions can speak millions of words to someone and change the way a person looks at their life.

For me, that person was my mother. Who was it for you? And how did you change as a result of this person’s influence?

food for thought

Goodnight dolls

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