Not Gonna Sit Around & Wait 11.22.14

Evening loves
After yesterday’s adventure filled day and road trip, today was more of a sit back and recuperate kind of day.
I woke up and dropped my mother off to work and got a quick sandwich at the deli and hit the gym right away.
I haven’t had an actual gym schedule since classes started this semester, but since Thursday I’ve been back on my grind . Which let me tell you, has me thinking clearer, and in a much better mood !
Anyway, I’m sure you’re wondering where the title of this post comes into play. So pretty much I’ve realized that, in the past, I have always given people the benefit of the doubt, to the point where there is no doubt, just the benefit. I was always left hanging, waiting around for a text or an answer to something. For example, I would clear up my schedule so I could meet my friend, but in the end there would be no answer to my text or phone call and I would never even see the friend that day.
Well I have changed, and today I noticed that I have actually changed because I was not waiting around the responding text. I have learned to understand where I stand in relation to that person when they don’t answer my texts or just simply push me aside for someone else.
This has made things easier for me, since I can live my life without depending on the word of another person to mess up my day. It also helps you see clear, helps you figure out who is there for you, which people are your healthy friends and which people are not healthy friends.
And with that I’d like to leave off with two quotes I remember fit this accordingly.

Don’t let loyalty become slavery .

Don’t ever worry about those who don’t worry about you


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