Road Trip 11.21.14

well hello loves!
I know the day is practically over, Sorry I’m posting so late, but I have had a long, but adventure filled day.
Me and my friend, code name R went to visit our friend code name A at Rutgers University.
This was about an hour and half road trip. Overall it was fun, but we did end up hitting traffic which could have been easily avoided…this had us both on a little bit of an edge.
The second we saw the brake lights we both immediately thought shit excuse my French. As the traffic went on, or actually dragged on, we both got more and more frustrated…but once we saw the light at the end of the tunnel, literally, we knew traffic was dying down and instantly started cheering and screaming hallelujah.
Which I don’t know, if I were to put this into a “deep meaning perspective”, I would say is kind of reflective of life. We tend to tense up and get armed for the worst of situations and uphill battles, but in the end, isn’t there the “light at the end of the tunnel” ?
In that sense I feel like overall, including myself, we get a little too serious, don’t you agree? I mean I understand, there are problems that will come along that need seriousness, but if we continue to face everything with a fighting attitude and tense up, doesn’t that just stress us out more than the actual problem? What if we were to face the problem head on, deal with it accordingly, without stressing the actual arrival of a problem, assess the issue at hand and think through the best solution.
Just a thought ! And with that I’ll end this note. Any comments? I’d love to hear feedback.

sweet dreams my loves

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