Love & Hate, Hate & Love

Love & Hate, Hate & Love

we love to hate and we hate to love

Society deems feelings of love as good and feelings of hate as bad. We all know we love plenty, but hate even more. So where do we draw the line?

I often find myself mixing them both up and confusing myself. One day I’ll spot a cute guy and the next I’ll find 50 things about him that annoy the shiz outta me. Soo.. Do I like this guy or not? What happens in relationships? Wouldn’t you find things about the person that drive you absolutely nuts?

And then there’s the me in a relationship. I’m the type to go the extra mile for a smile. I’d be the one sacrificing my time and desires for my significant other. I’d love to see him smile and be happy I sacrificed my time for his happiness. Find me an hour later and I’ll be sitting on the bed questioning “Why the hell am I doing so much in return for so little?” I constantly find myself hating and regretting the decisions I made an hour ago. I hate how I love someone so much that I give away parts of my happiness.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that love cannot exist without at least some lingering feelings of hate. In my eyes, I could find myself saying “I hate that I love you so.”

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